Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I need to start griping about horrible things I read here, rather than on Tumblr, where no one cares.

First order of business: Neil LaBute and Chris Rock are remaking the British film Death at a Funeral*. WHY?! That movie is from 2007! Alan Tudyk runs around completely nude for most of it! It doesn’t need to be remade, it's so genius!!

Peter Dinklage may be reprising the same role as he had in the original... because no one else could ever match his performance; at least that fact has been acknowledged. Apparently, to make this edgy and American, the whole cast, other than potentially Dinklage, and the gorgeous James Marsden, has to be black? I don't have a problem with that, I just have a problem with the whole concept of remaking a movie that came out less than three years ago and was amazing.

Also, it makes the family dynamic pretty different. Just saying. Less subtle. Which... I guess would also make it more American.

I hope at least James is playing Alan Tudyk's part and runs around naked on acid the whole time. That, OR THIS MOVIE GETS CANCELED RIGHT NOW. Okay, Danny Glover and Ron Glass are cast, as well. At least we have another Firefly alum? That's pretty much my litmus test for anything I watch (almost not kidding).

*I linked to the IMDb page for the original. For obvious reasons.

Next, we have... The absolute worst "review" I've ever read. FEAST YOUR EYES: EW gives The Decemberists' Hazards of Love a... D+?
Frontman Colin Meloy has many unique gifts as a songwriter — gifts that have all but deserted him on this regrettable attempt at a prog opera. Hazards of Love drowns in convoluted plots, blustery guest vocalists, and comically out-of-place guitar shredding. D+
Pitiful. That's literally the whole thing. A two-sentence review. How can this person even get paid for such bullshit. And, did he just call Shara Worden "blustery" in a negative way? OH, NO. Did this man even listen to the whole thing?

My favorite comment:
"What a worthless review. In a time in music when everything has devolved to the MP3 single, The Decemberists put out something that takes a lot of thought, musicianship, and "guts" - and succeeds on all levels. In a two sentence stroke, the reviewer and EW prove themselves to be a joke."
Amen to that.

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